About Me

Wedding Photogrpahers Lancaster

Greetings my name is Shawn Green I am a freelance photographer residing in Manheim, PA

FairyTale Reflections Photography is here to capture a true reflection of your very own specialized fairytale coming true.

I specialize in modern romantic style photography. I strive to capture every detail of every moment on your special day; whether it is your wedding day, birth arrival or graduation.

On every occasion I capture your special moments so you have a lasting memory of your dreams coming true.

I have always had an interest in photography from a small child. I was curious about how cameras worked and could capture a life like image. At the age of 5 I took my first camera apart. I then started collecting cameras of all kinds and restoring them to working order. I took pictures of everything growing up from cars to people and places.

One day about seven years ago I decided to take my passion of photography and people to a professional level of starting my own company. I never thought as a child that one day I would be capturing people's special moments in life, so they could remember them for a lifetime.

I have pictures of when my dreams came true. Now I am capturing my client's dreams coming true along their lives journeys. I can't wait to hear form you and capture your dreams coming true!

My Philosophy

I believe that everyone should have a lasting memory of their dreams coming true; so you will be able to share your special moments with generations to come and always have a lasting impression of that day.

My Equipment

I use all professional series Nikon equipment to capture your special day with crystal clear high quality. Using nikon equipment gives me the ability to take all natural pictures in low level lighting without having to use a flash to capture your special day.